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Spoken Word Performance

Request readings and performances of original pieces centered around Black liberation, womanism, radical parenting and family building, love, grief, and navigating trauma. Newly-written pieces crafted around a theme of the client’s request, include an additional writing fee. 

Doula Services

Standard package includes consultation and agreement for support, a Zawadi gift exchange – I provide a herbs, an affirmations page, The Four Agreements and pregnancy pillow. The  birthing person provides the declaration that they will do their best to remain open to the process – and a home visit. I will meet with client and supporting people to develop an “ideal” birthing plan understanding that the baby runs the show, check in monthly either virtually or in-person, provide labor and birth support as well as 2 post partum visits and on-going phone support. 

Allow me to support you in helping to usher in ancestors return, babies from the spirit world to this side of the Earth, and create the sacred atmosphere you want for your birth and delivery.

I will be a support person, coach, and advocate showing up however you need me. 


If you need someone to facilitate a community dialogue or panel discussion, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to guiding the conversation, I will create opportunities for audience engagement and interactions while also providing appropriate context for the conversation. 

Writing Workshop

Allow me to facilitate a writing workshop for groups of 5-30 people. Workshop includes mindfulness, approaches to freewriting, muse discovering, individual and partnered writing, as well as creating an entire group piece to be shared at the end. 

Ceremonial Libations

It is the tradition of African people throughout the Diaspora to pour libations before significant events  – weddings, baptisms, baby showers, anniversaries. You may have participated in a ceremony where a minister, priestess, elder, or community member poured water or gin into a plant, ground, or gourd  to evoke the Spirit of God and Ancestors into the space. But, you may have also seen friends or strangers alike, pour liquor onto street corners to honor their new ancestors. Pouring libations is a profound way to set a powerful atmosphere and the honor the forces that guide and protect us. Allow me to use water, which is the symbol of life, to call forth diasporic and personal Ancestors to make your ceremony or celebration even more powerful. 

A discussion about spiritual/religious beliefs, if any, will need to be discussed in advance. Clients should also write out a list of Ancestors they’d especially like to be mentioned.

Before pouring libations, an explanation will be given to the family/audience.

This is a call and response ritual. Any person who does not feel comfortable participating can opt out.

Copywriting & Content Development

Seeking copy to support programming, business, branding, and/or community efforts? Perfect. After conversation to thoroughly understand your needs and vision, I create content to increase awareness.

Creative Directing

Beyond written storytelling, consider other tools of engagement including visual content – sizzle reels, commercials, photographs, highlights. 

Allow me to support your work by serving as the creative director for your projects –  organizing interviews, creative focuses, and storyboards. I work directly with curators, videographers, and photographers to tell powerful stories. 

Public Relations & Media Support

Support with writing press releases, preparing talking points, speeches, and understanding how to articulate to big audiences. I support with public speaking relation techniques, sharpening interviewing skills, and mastering the art of communicate big ideas. 


Proof-reading and editing of resumes, cover letters, speeches, essays, short stories and shareable content. 

Wedding Website & Vow Writing

Support with the written content for your wedding website from the love story to the invitation. After getting to know the couple, I support with articulating love, fidelity, and commitment through vow writing.

Language is a building block for community.

Raina La’Shea

Let’s build something great together.

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