Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation.

Toni Morrison

I write to keep in contact with our ancestors…

Sonia Sanchez

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Lover.Writer. Orator.Creator.Abecedarian.

Born on the West Side of Detroit to creative and brilliant parents, Raina knew at an early age that she was called to be a writer. Her parents and family supported her art by encouraging critical thinking, discipline, and always being a part of her amazing audience when she shared poems, short stories, essays, and articles.

Raina is a Communications and Creative Programming Professional dedicated to community engagement, social impact, and equity. A writer and arts advocate, Raina fully believes in providing access to art, curating authentic experiences, and creating platforms for education and expression which helps to build more equitable communities.

A 2013 graduate of the John H. Johnson School of Communications, Howard University and a current graduate communications student at Wayne State University, Raina believes in using language and communication to empower people. Supporting and creating work that helps shape positive narratives about Detroit, allows Black women to show up more fully, and illuminates how dynamic the human experience is is crucial to her work. Through unique storytelling, programs, and events, she is driven by the opportunities to celebrate what is best about us – our creativity and our resilience.

Raina is a poet, a womanist, a lover of music, dance, an aspiring birth worker, lover of all things Black, a critic of culture and communications, a seeker of knowledge, a Marvel fan, a Delta and wellness enthusiast.

Of all these titles, what she is most honored to be called is a mother. Raina has an almost 3-year-old daughter named Zaheera who she often refers to as the best thing she’s ever created.  She gives God praise for allowing “Z” to choose her as her mother and sincerely believes that she not only saved her but changed the trajectory of her life. Z has impeccable boundaries, is self-aware, and does not perform or hustle for her worth. Raina aspires to be like “Z” in her adult life which is why she decided to launch, “rainarising.com.”

This is a space that celebrates the whole woman, one of majesty and one who can also be a complete mess. This is a space that celebrates mothers. This is a space that celebrates writers and community builders.

Raina is committed to using the gifts that God gave her to edify the Most High and advance community.

“When God calls, show up ready to be used” is her motto.

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